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Apple | Rumor: The MacBook Pro with Apple M2 is coming this year, without 120 Hz Mini-LED display, among other M2 Macs | macbook

Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman revealed new details about Apple’s plans in his weekly “Power On” newsletter. According to this, the group will present at least four computers this year that are based on the Apple M2, namely a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air (approx. 970 euros on Amazon), a Mac Mini, and a 24-inch iMac.

According to earlier rumors, the entry-level model of the MacBook Pro series will have the design of the current 14-inch MacBook Pro (approx. 2,100 euros on Amazon), including the large function keys as a replacement for the Touch Bar and the larger display with notch. According to Mark Gurman, however, this model does without a mini-LED backlight and a 120 Hz panel with support for ProMotion – a measure that undoubtedly serves to reduce costs.

Details on the launch date of these devices are still pending, but rumors suggest that the Apple M2 will not be ready for the market until the second half of 2022. The Apple M2 is said to offer slightly better performance than the M1, but the performance of the Apple M1 Max will only be surpassed by the M2 Max next year.


Mark Gurman also states that Apple will present at least one new Mac at the launch event on March 8th. Since the 27-inch iMac Pro with Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max is not expected to come onto the market until summer at the earliest, it is conceivable that the top model of the Mac Mini will be presented with the M1 Pro and additional connections.

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