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Apple | Several Apple keynotes in the fall, Macbook Pro in November | macbook

Halyna Kubiv

Apple’s keynote is getting closer, but it won’t be the only one this fall. A new Macbook Pro is not expected until November.


While a keynote in mid-September is almost certain – after all, Apple will have to introduce the new iPhone 13 at some point – it is still unknown whether Apple is planning further events. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg (per

) we can expect at least two more keynotes, similar to last autumn. At the first, most likely on September 14th, Apple will introduce the iPhone 13 and the new Apple Watch Series 7 and Airpods 3. The second keynote will be reserved for the revised iPad Mini and Apple Services updates. The third keynote is dedicated to the new Macbook Pro 14 and 16 inches.

It is not yet clear when Apple’s two additional keynotes will take place, and the rumor mill has also been silent about it so far. Fall doesn’t last forever, and considering that Gurman expects the Macbook Pro 14 and 16 inch to go on sale in November, there are only a few possible dates left for the rumored keynotes. Apple certainly does not want to overshadow the start of sales and the associated marketing measures such as the first practical tests of the iPhone 13 with an additional keynote. If the iPhone keynote takes place on September 14th as planned, the start of sales can be expected on September 24th. Cupertino certainly won’t want to host a keynote that same week and the week after. The next possible date would be October 5th. If two additional keynotes are actually held, then the third and thus the last one on October 26th would fit into the schedule quite well, so that the new MacBook Pro can be launched in November.

Apple already hosted three virtual keynotes last year. The absence of an audience allows the company to plan more flexibly and spread the announcements of various products over different dates so that they all get their share of the spotlight.

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