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Apple | The Apple Mac Studio with the M1 Max has no performance advantages over the MacBook Pro 16 | macbook

If both models are equipped with the M1 Max, the functions are also identical, i.e. the number of displays supported, the RAM equipment and the size of the SSD. In addition, both models are limited to Wi-Fi 6 with 80 MHz. The most important aspect, however, is the M1 Max, which offers the completely identical performance in both the Mac Studio and the MacBook Pro 16. Even under constant load, the MBP 16 does not experience a drop in performance. But what you notice in everyday life are the different cooling concepts. The Mac Studio has no problems at all with the M1 Max and doesn’t get loud even under load, but the two fans always run at 1,300 rpm, even when absolutely idle. The hissing isn’t particularly loud, but it’s noticeable in quiet environments. The MacBook Pro 16 definitely has an advantage here, as it almost always remains silent in everyday use and under low loads. Under load, however, it also gets louder than the Mac Studio, which is something you should know.

Additionally, we were able to take a look at Apple’s new Studio Display, which uses the same 27-inch 5K panel that we already know from the old iMac 27. The image quality is very good, but given the price, the pure screen specifications are hardly convincing. But one also has to consider the additional features that are possible thanks to the implementation of the A13 SoC. This includes 3D audio, convenience features such as True Tone, the great speaker system or the option of connecting additional peripherals or input devices directly to the display. In addition, the Studio Display can charge other devices via Thunderbolt with up to 96 watts, making it ideal for all MacBook models up to the MacBook Pro 14. The larger MacBook Pro 16 is also compatible, but for full performance you also need that Connect the laptop power supply. Especially for users who want to add a large screen to their MacBook Air or even the iPad Pro at home, for example, the Studio Display can be a very interesting, albeit expensive, option.

For all other data on the devices and comprehensive benchmark results, we recommend taking a look at our test reports:


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