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A MacBook Pro from the re store? Is a refurbished device from 2019 still suitable for everyday use? IMTEST got to the bottom of this question. A common myth is that one dog year is equal to seven human years. The technology is similar to that of the four-legged friends. After just a few years, laptops, tablets and the like often show the first signs of fatigue in the form of sluggish processors and weak batteries.

In order to give used devices a second lease of life, eBay created the Re-Store – a platform on which refurbished technology is sold under the term “refurbished”. The test shows how well this works with the former top notebook from Apple.


What does the new processor bring to the currently cheapest MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro in the test: As if peeled from the egg

Although there was no trace of the original packaging when it arrived at the editorial office, the MacBook Pro still caused amazement: the case, screen and keyboard are in perfect condition. Means: Even small signs of use are almost in vain. Only a small spot on the lid reveals the stated condition “good”. Otherwise, the case is of Apple-typical high-quality workmanship and pretty to look at. The 15.4-inch retina display also ensures visual values ​​and sharply resolved content.

MacBook Pro: by no means old-fashioned

And the inner workings are also convincing: the drive is not provided by an in-house M processor as in the newer generations, but by a Core i9 chip from Intel. But even with that, the MacBook Pro still showed a very high speed in the test. 32 gigabytes of working memory and 1 terabyte of SSD storage complete the powerful performance package. Accordingly, even exhausting programs don’t bring the model to its knees that quickly.


There are clear differences in terms of efficiency: Newer models with Apple’s M chips are much more economical. The 2019 model consumed 60 watts in the test even with simple applications – subsequent generations don’t even come up to 20. In addition, the battery is no longer quite up to date. In the test, the MacBook Pro lasted just over six hours. A value that is still good, but no comparison to newer variants: Because with the 2022 model, the lights only went out after ten hours and 40 minutes. A full charge, on the other hand, took around two and a half hours – that’s still fast today.

Is the used Apple iPhone 12 just as good as a new model? IMTEST tested the refurbished iPhone 12.

Why is a refurbished device worthwhile?

In terms of “sustainability”, you not only save on your own coins, but also on the resources that do not have to be used for a new model in the first place. Practical, because the devices that have been revised and carefully checked by eBay work perfectly after the check and also look like new.

A screenshot of the MacBook Pro (2019) sales page from the restore on eBay.
MacBook from the restore with full transparency: The estimated condition of the device is stated on the product website. © IN THE TEST

Anyone who would like to pay more attention to the environment these days or is already on the road in a sustainable manner – or would like to become so – and still wants to get hold of a good MacBook will do everything right with devices from the “refurbished” category.

MacBooks from the Re-Store on eBay

Not only MacBook Pros are sold through the Re-Store on eBay. Also numerous others Apple products like the MacBook Air or that Apple iPhone SE are available through the Re-Store.


It would be a shame to retire this MacBook Pro after just three years. Because even today it is still a powerful calculating machine to work with. On the other hand, you have to accept compromises in terms of efficiency and battery performance.

  • PER
    • Flawless case, still very high working speed, good battery life.
    • None in the original box, a lot of plastic packaging, a little high power consumption.

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