Thursday, December 8, 2022

Apple | The notch of the Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air becomes an AirDrop shortcut thanks to the new app | macbook

The notch may be replaced by a double punch hole on the iPhone 14 Pro, but that doesn’t mean that Apple is already saying goodbye to this design element. Because the brand new MacBook Air has a notch as well as the 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro (approx. 1,900 euros on Amazon), which came onto the market last autumn.

The developer Ian Keen has now programmed a small app, which gives the notch an additional feature. As the video in the tweet embedded below shows, the display around the notch glows in eye-catching colors when files are selected to be wirelessly AirDroped. If these files are finally dragged into the notch, the AirDrop menu opens, in which the device can be selected to which the files are sent. The app also works with MacBooks without a notch, even if they are then looks less intuitive.

There is no launch date for the app yet. The developer plans to start a beta test in the next few days before releasing the software to all interested users. The app saves at least a little time, because usually at least two clicks necessary to open the same AirDrop menu – so the app makes sense for users who use AirDrop regularly, although more options for less flashy colors as an indicator of compatible files would be desirable.


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