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Available on sale on AliExpress, this webcam is insane value for money

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If you’re unsure about the quality of your computer’s webcam, you should consider upgrading your hardware, especially if you use it often. You can opt for a high-definition webcam, like this eMeet C960 2K model, which captures an accurate and smooth image at 30 FPS. This eMeet C960 2K webcam should be seen as a serious asset in a professional setting. With its superb resolution and smart features, it makes you look your best. You’ll probably make a better impression during your video conferences or job interviews. It covers all needs, those of the employee in the home office, the professional streamer and the student who follows distance learning courses. The eMeet C960 2K webcam is available for 32.60 euros on AliExpress, instead of 40 euros.

Efficient, economical, easy to install and adjust, this eMeet C960 2K webcam has everything to convince you. It connects to your computer’s USB port, in plug-and-play mode, and works with your favorite software, Zoom, Teams, Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, etc. Positioned on your computer screen or screwed onto a tripod, the webcam can be freely rotated 360°. The camera is focused on you, with a reduced 76° field of view so you don’t have to expose your living environment in the background. If you need to zoom in on a document or object to present it in detail to your interlocutors, you can count on the speed of autofocus. This eMeet C960 2K webcam features an advanced voice capture system, with a dual microphone that reduces ambient noise.

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