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Boeing: Quality control issues uncovered

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Aviation supervision

March 5, 2024

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The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)’s investigations have uncovered problems with quality controls in Boeing’s production. These deficiencies affect, among other things, the monitoring of production, the handling of components and product control.

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FAA investigation reveals weaknesses in Boeing’s quality assurance.
Photo: Marian Lockhart photo/ 2018 The Boeing Company

An inspection of Boeing’s manufacturing facility by the US Federal Aviation Administration following a near-accident revealed problems with compliance with quality standards. The FAA announced that there were violations in monitoring production, handling components and product control, among other things.

The recent dramatic incident involving an almost new Boeing 737-9 Max in early January led to the initiation of the investigation. Shortly after take-off, a part of the fuselage of this Alaska Airlines plane broke out while climbing while there were more than 170 passengers on board. Luckily, no serious injuries were reported in the incident as the two seats right next to the opening happened to be unoccupied.

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The accident investigation authority NTSB suspects that fastening bolts were missing from this part. Boeing had previously had to stop deliveries of the aircraft type for weeks and carry out months of rework due to production deficiencies at fuselage supplier Spirit Aerosystems.

Weaknesses in Boeing’s quality assurance

Both Boeing and Spirit Aerosystems are under close scrutiny by the agency. Last week, Boeing confirmed discussions about a possible takeover of the company, which was once part of the group for decades.

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