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Demystifying robotics as a goal

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European Week of Action

Nov 20, 2023

All over Europe, the world of robotics is brought closer to the general public in schools, laboratories and also cinemas as part of the “European Robotics Week” (ERW). The opening ceremony is on November 22nd in Germany.

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The “European Robotics Week” emphasizes the growing importance of robotics and its fields of application.
Photo: German Trade Fair

A robot safari in Romania, a film festival about androids in Spain, workshops for young engineers in Croatia: As part of the “European Robotics Weeks(ERW) offers robotics activities across Europe.

The growing importance of robotics and its fields of application is highlighted and the interest of young people and non-specialists is aroused with a variety of events. The declared goal is to “demystify” robotics in society, according to the organizers.

“Ikea-style” robotics: good and cheap

In Germany, the central event will take place from November 21st to 24th in Hanover. The action week is officially opening at Leibniz University for the second time in a row. The program includes, among other things, a panel discussion about the future of work and the presentation of the robotics talent award.

The European Robotics Week was launched in 2011 out of the desire of the European robotics community to make future society receptive to the topic of robotics.

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