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Deutsche Bahn wants to improve punctuality – with these measures

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Rail transport

Apr 03, 2024

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With its “small and medium-sized measures” construction program, Deutsche Bahn is pursuing the goal of improving punctuality in rail transport in the short term and is reporting good progress.

Railways on the rise: construction program aims to increase punctuality in rail transport.
Photo: Peter Kellerhoff

With its “small and medium-sized measures” construction program, Deutsche Bahn is aiming to improve punctuality in rail transport in the short term – and according to its own statements, it is making good progress. On Wednesday, April 3rd, the railway announced that 138 of the planned 355 projects will have been implemented by the end of 2025. This corresponds to 40 percent of the planned measures and an investment sum of around one billion euros.

Expansion of overtaking tracks for freight trains

The planned measures include the expansion of overtaking tracks to create space for freight trains up to 740 meters long. Furthermore, projects are being implemented in the area of ​​local rail transport, such as transfer points or junctions.

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“Thanks to accelerated implementation – for example by bundling measures and leaner project planning – we are increasingly able to quickly achieve a major impact with small and particularly effective projects,” said the head of the new rail infrastructure division InfraGo, Philipp Nagl.

More than 350 small and medium-sized measures

The program, which consists of more than 350 small and medium-sized measures, is expected to be completed by 2030. As rail infrastructure director Berthold Huber said last June, this would lead to an improvement in punctuality in rail traffic by four percentage points. Last year, especially in long-distance transport, the railway was more unreliable than it had been for many years. Almost every third ICE and IC train was delayed. For this year, the railway has set itself a target of a punctuality rate of more than 71 percent.

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