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Discover the crazy offer of this mobile plan for less than 10 euros per month

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Do you find that mobile plans are getting more and more expensive and that they don’t always offer satisfying content? Then maybe it’s time to take an interest in Syma’s proposal. This operator uses the SFR network for all its no-commitment packages, which rely on affordable prices to enjoy a generous mobile data envelope, as well as on calls in France and internationally.

Its Le neuf package is one of the most popular : it costs 9.99 euros per month and it includes 130 GB of mobile data in France, 11 GB of mobile data in Europe and the French overseas departments, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, Europe and the French overseas departments, as well as calls from metropolitan France to 100 foreign destinations. And since this 4G/4G+ plan is non-binding, you can change it whenever you want.

Syma Mobile Plan: Options to Customize Your Experience

Do you want to enjoy more mobile data, call to more countries or access 5G? Then you can add options to your Le neuf mobile plan: Syma offers six different ones, which adapt to all situations and allow you to easily adjust the use of your smartphone while respecting your budget. You can activate them at the time of your subscription, but also at any time from your personal space. Syma is an operator that makes life easier for its customers, and that changes everything!

Click here to Take advantage of the Syma offer on the Le neuf mobile plan

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