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Door 1: Brick by brick to the steam locomotive

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Dec 01, 2023

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Always spoiled for choice – what should you have for the party? Gifts can be practical, beautiful – or necessary! If the quality is still good… the editorial team at VDI nachrichten has looked around for you.

Door 1: Brick by brick to the steam locomotive | 6280 DR BR52StaemLokomotive scene front 313x0 c default
Photo: Cobi

In our virtual Christmas calendar, the VDI nachrichten editorial team presents something playful, useful or entertaining every day until December 24th for the festival.

And today this is behind door 1:

Stone by stone to the steam locomotive

Locomotives are one of the challenges for clamp building block hobbyists – given their complex shape, there are hardly any identical building blocks. Presented with a class 52 steam locomotive in 1:35 scale the Polish manufacturer Cobi a particularly detailed variant made of 2,532 bricks including a coupled and fully movable wheel train – even the fittings in the engine room are shown. And the energizing fire burns in the forge. The executive version even contains 65 cm rail including sleepers and track bed and costs €199.99.

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