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Door 8: Say it with flowers

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Dec 08, 2023

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Door 8: Say it with flowers | 10328 Lifestyle 02 scaled 313x0 c default
Winter-proof floral greeting for eternity.
Photo: Lego

And that’s what’s hidden behind door 8 today:

An old advertising slogan advises those who have difficulty finding the right words for their loved ones: Say it with flowers. Because winter is a completely unsuitable season for this and the loving floral greeting is fleeting, here is the alternative for hobbyists: With Lego’s “Botanical Collection” you can put together very attractive bouquets. The pretty roses in the picture have an RRP of €59.99, but they are beautiful forever. And maybe the much cheaper one will do the trick Collection set of mini plants. Your loved ones will understand what the gift is intended.

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