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Électro Dépôt has received a new arrival on this Philips Ambilight smart TV at a very attractive price

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Philips is a reputable manufacturer, especially when it comes to TVs. To stand out from the competition, Philips has Ambilight technology, which diffuses lighting whose colors match the images broadcast to enhance immersion. If you want to enjoy it while equipping yourself with a 55-inch 4K screen, you should know that the Philips 55PUS8108 smart TV is currently back in stock at Electro Depot at a very attractive price. On the brand’s website, you can find the Philips 55PUS8108 smart TV at a price of 549 euros. With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, the device has been able to convince a public looking for very good value for money. It is possible to take advantage of a delivery to your home, but also a free collection in the Electro Dépôt store near you.

This Philips Ambilight smart TV for less than 550 euros at Electro Dépôt

The Philips smart TV is a 55-inch 4K TV that essentially stands out from the rest for its price-performance ratio as well as Ambilight technology. With the help of the LEDs on the back, the smart TV projects colored lights that make the experience more immersive. This smart TV, in addition to being able to be connected to the Internet, and therefore allowing you to access Prime Video, Netflix or Disney+, is compatible with HDR (10+) and Dolby Vision. With its diagonal of 139 cm, this Philips TV sold at Electro Dépôt can be installed on a TV stand or hung on the wall using the dedicated device. With a two-year warranty, this smart TV will let you enjoy your streaming content as well as your TV or game consoles. You will find three HDMI 2.1 ports so you can connect your favorite devices.

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