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Highly radioactive waste: The search for the final repository continues

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Nov 17, 2023

By Alexandra Ilina

The second forum for the search for a final repository will be opened in Halle today in order to find a suitable location for the long-term storage of highly radioactive waste.

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The ongoing search for a suitable final repository for highly radioactive waste.
Photo: PantherMedia / overcrew

The Federal Agency for Final Storage emphasizes the importance of public participation and plans to propose regions for site exploration by the end of 2027.

The Federal Society for Final Storage pointed out that determining the final storage location could be a project of cross-generational dimensions. The discussion will, among other things, address the question of what effects this could have on interim storage.

Transporting radioactive waste on highways tested

Find a location for a final storage facility

In addition, we are looking for ways to make the location search process more efficient. By the end of 2027, the federal company plans to propose regions that will be explored to determine whether they are suitable locations for a final repository.

The technical managing director of the Federal Society for Final Storage (BGE), Thomas Lautsch, who will also be present in Halle on November 17th, commented on the final storage search forum: “For the BGE, this participation opportunity is a great opportunity to enter into dialogue with the interested public to go – and incorporate important suggestions into your own work.”

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