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Honor Magic V, the new benchmark for folding screen, is called the best financial product in 2022 by netizens: just buy it domeet webmaster

Original title: Honor Magic V, the new benchmark for folding screens, is called the best financial product in 2022 by netizens: just buy it

In 2022, the first “financial management” mobile phone will appear, which is Honor’s latest folding screen flagship Honor Magic V. The starting price is 9999 yuan. The price has increased to more than 14,000 yuan.

During the Spring Festival, when friends and relatives gather and open the folding screen mobile phone, he must be the most beautiful boy on the wine table. This is also the reason why folding screen mobile phones are favored. The question is, among so many folding screen mobile phones, why is the Honor Magic V the current The hottest product?

The configuration is not compromised, and the first folding screen of Honor will create a “one in place” folding screen flagship

For Honor, the Honor Magic V is their first foldable screen phone, and it became popular at the first launch, and it is a win-win for both sales and word of mouth, becoming the darling of the market and high-end consumers. This is still rare in the folding screen mobile phone market in the past six months.

Honor does not seem to be surprised by such a result. Before the release of the Honor Magic V, Honor CEO Zhao Ming had already stated,Honor has defined a new series of folding screen products. Magic V should be the most complete in structural design and the best folding screen mobile phone seen on the market. The design is very stunning.

Zhao Ming also emphasized that the Honor Magic V can surpass all the folding screen models that have been released on the market.

In terms of hardware configuration, it is indeed the culmination of the current flagship folding screen, and the product is very competitive.

First of all, compared with many flagship folding screen flagships on the market, the Honor Magic V is the first to use the new-generation Snapdragon 8 platform. The products of friends and merchants are still using the Snapdragon 888 platform. The Honor Magic V is used in daily use and games. The fluency is higher, especially when playing games. The Snapdragon 8 with 4nm process has obvious advantages, and the highest picture quality in games such as King of Glory still runs at full frame.

In addition, the Honor Magic V is also equipped with more than 50 million main cameras for fusion computing photography and two 42-megapixel internal and external front lenses.The camera and video capabilities are also the most powerful among the flagship folding screen, and the 4750mAh battery and 66W fast charge are also the king level of the same level of products.

More importantly, the two screens of the Honor Magic V are also uncompromising. The external screen is a 6.45-inch large-size flexible OLED that supports 120Hz high refresh rate.The inner screen unfolds is a 7.9-inch flexible OLED with a resolution of 2272 x 1984 and supports 90Hz high refresh rate.It supports 1.07 billion colors and P3 color gamut. It is very good for reading, surfing the Internet and playing games. The area is large enough, the performance is strong, and the colors are more beautiful.

Honor Magic V, the new benchmark for folding screen, is called the best financial product in 2022 by netizens: just buy it domeet webmaster | 6694b57f0af8436582bac93a5905936a

The advantages of Honor Magic V are not only in configuration, screen, etc., from the aspects of appearance design, hand feel glass protection, game optimization, etc., it has fulfilled the promise of Honor – to be a “one-in-place” folding screen flagship mobile phone. There is no compromise in all aspects, so that the folding screen mobile phone becomes the main machine for daily use, rather than an experience machine that is only used for a few days.

The killer of Honor Magic V: Magic UI 6.0 is deeply optimized for folding screen

In addition to uncompromising hardware performance, the reason why Honor Magic V is recognized by high-end consumers is the software ecological experience. The folding screen not only brings a larger screen, but also brings a new ecology of both internal and external screens. , If the manufacturer does not make targeted optimization, the experience will be very fragmented, and the advantages of folding will not be fully exerted.

Honor Magic V, the new benchmark for folding screen, is called the best financial product in 2022 by netizens: just buy it domeet webmaster | 6553676203b44bbd89e56945e8665714

Along with the Honor Magic V is the Honor Magic UI 6.0 system enabled by the Magic Live intelligence engine, which is also the soul partner of the Honor Magic V.Low-level optimization technologies such as anti-aging engine and smart memory engine improve system fluency, and AI intelligence brings more personalized services in scenarios such as office learning, sports health, driving and travel, and life services.

Honor Magic V, the new benchmark for folding screen, is called the best financial product in 2022 by netizens: just buy it domeet webmaster | 39de38adfb0f456dbc2afa7b721771e5

In order to make better use of the expanded large screen, Magic UI 6.0 has been adapted in parallel horizons, application split screens, multi-task management, etc. Currently, there are 100+ single applications that support parallel horizons, and 1000+ multi-application split screens are suitable for Matching, among the popular applications, TOP 100 applications are 100% large-screen adaptation, and TOP 1000 applications are 90% large-screen adaptation.

For example, when editing videos on Honor Magic V, Ovicut and other video editing software can support multi-track audio and video editing, one-click drag and drop of original materials, split-screen adjustment and management of edited materials, and support for 4K high-definition video export with direct efficiency. doubled.

Two-wheel-drive Honor Magic V creates a new benchmark for 2022 folding screen phones

Compared with traditional smartphones, folding screen mobile phones have only entered the market in a short period of two or three years. It is still a new thing, but its novel folding experience brings more possibilities. At present, the folding screen mobile phones of major brands can be said to be in full bloom, and everyone wants to. Compete for the commanding heights of the next generation.

However, the technical level and product concept of each manufacturer are completely different. Now the best-selling folding screen experience on the market is also different, and the price is also very different. The cheap starting price is only more than 7,000, and the high-end price is more than 20,000. It is not uncommon.

It is in the preconceived market environment of these old and new brands that Honor’s first folding screen flagship, the Honor Magic V, has become a dark horse. Starting at 9999 yuan, it has become a hot choice at present, and even consumers with good money are willing to increase the price and buy it at a premium. At every four or five thousand yuan, the popularity exceeded expectations.

Unconsciously, the Honor Magic V has become the benchmark for folding screen mobile phones in 2022. What does Honor rely on?

In the final analysis, there are four words – two-wheel drive, which is the product concept on which Glory has become famous. One wheel constantly understands what consumer trends are, and has insight into consumer needs and pain points, and uses this as a starting point to innovate; the other wheel is. Focus on technology to lead the demand, and continue to lead the industry forward with cutting-edge and forward-looking technology.

For the Honor Magic V, on the one hand, they realized that everyone is not satisfied with the experience of folding screen mobile phones on the market, the configuration is not high enough, the photos are not good enough, the screen is not big enough, and the software ecology cannot keep up.On the other hand, Honor also has enough technology accumulation to solve these problems, and solved the pain points of folding screens in performance, games, screens, hinges, images, fast charging and software systems.

Honor Magic V, the new benchmark for folding screen, is called the best financial product in 2022 by netizens: just buy it domeet webmaster | 6df841323ae94f76b98a616e4ada9661

How popular is the Honor Magic V? Even the nickname given by netizens can make people feel full of shopping desire-Magic V has become a shopping guide, both transliteration and free translation are very expressive,The name also corresponds to what Honor CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview before. He joked that the homonym is “buy this”, and it’s right to buy it.

For such a financial product in 2022, are you ready for the next wave of Magic V to go on sale? Consumers who want to use the folding screen as the main machine should buy it.Return to Sohu, see more

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