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Iphone 14 | 99 euro bundle: Apple iPhone 14 with a thick Telekom tariff | apple iphone

Without a doubt, that counts Apple iphone 14 among the best smartphones currently available for purchase. In the COMPUTER BILD test, it was enough for a very good grade (1.4). But the high purchase price of officially 999 euros (at Apple) or from 839 euros at Ebay dealers is not affordable for everyone who is interested. In these cases, we recommend looking at bundles – i.e. devices with a contract. The editors have found an interesting iPhone 14 bundle and present it below.

This is what you save in the iPhone 14 bundle


The offer comes from Media Markt and is only available in the online shop. In addition to the Apple iPhone 14 in the 128 gigabyte version (various colors to choose from), the freenet contract “green LTE 40GB Promotion” is included in the bundle. The tariff is implemented in the Telekom network and, thanks to Datasnack, offers 50 instead of 40 gigabytes (GB) of data volume (LTE 50) and an all-network flat rate. The monthly tariff costs amount to 44.99 euros. Extrapolated to the two-year minimum term, this results in an amount of 1,218.75 euros including the connection and device price. Less the switching bonus (50 euros) and the purchase price for the individual device, 169.75 euros or 7.07 euros per month remain for the pure tariff services. Tariffs in the Telekom network that play in the same price range only offer 3 GB of data volume, such as the Penny Mobil Prepaid Smart for 7.99 euros. Tariffs in the Telekom network, which are on par with the bundle offer in terms of scope of services, cost around 60 euros per month – that is a good 53 euros more. After two years, that means savings of a whopping 1,272 euros.

The Galaxy bundle at a glance

  • Cell Phone: Apple iPhone 14 128GB
  • One-time device price: 99 euros
  • Tariff: freenet green LTE 40GB Promotion
  • Network: Telekom (D1) incl. LTE with up to 50/25 Mbps (download/upload)
  • Data volume: 50 gigabytes per month
  • Phone calls/SMS: Flat rate
  • Minimum contract period: 24 months
  • Basic fee: 44.99 euros per month
  • Basic fee from the 25th month: 46.99 euros
  • Connection price: 39.99 euros
  • Promotion: 50 euros exchange bonus
  • Delivery: two to three weeks
  • Shipping costs: 0 euros


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Assessment: Apple iPhone 14 with a contract

In terms of price, the bundle consisting of the Apple iPhone 14 and freenet tariff in the Telekom network is convincing and picks up everyone who just can’t shell out just under 1,000 euros (plus costs for a separately booked tariff). The additional data volume in the bundle is a nice extra – great deal!

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