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Iphone 14 | A picture of the Apple A16 Bionic shows the innovations of the SoC from the iPhone 14 Pro in detail | apple iphone

The iPhone 14 Pro (approx. 1,299 euros on Amazon) is equipped with a brand new Apple A16 Bionic, which compared to the Apple A15 Bionic in the iPhone 14 offers 8 percent better single-core performance, 14.8 percent better multi-core performance and up to 28 percent better graphics performance achieved. The production with a structure width of 4 nm (TSMC N4) also promises better energy efficiency.

Like the TechanaLye die-shot embedded below with annotations by Angronomics shows, the structure of the A16 Bionic largely corresponds to its predecessor, Apple has apparently decided to make adjustments, especially in the details. The four efficiency cores, codenamed “Sawtooth”, share 4MB of L2 cache, just like the A15 Bionic’s E-cores. The two “Everest” performance cores, on the other hand, have access to 16 MB of L2 cache, 4 MB more than the older chip. All processor cores are slightly larger than in the previous model, and the layout has been adjusted.

Interestingly, the system level cache has been reduced from 32 MB to 24 MB. Angstronomics speculates that the 50 percent faster LPDDR5-6400 memory provides enough memory bandwidth to compensate for the reduced cache. Angstronomics assumes that the A16 Bionic has a slightly larger chip area than the A15 Bionic, despite the more modern N4 production and the only 6 percent increase in the number of transistors, but the exact dimensions are not yet known.


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