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Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: cases and wallets by Decoded | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: cases and wallets by Decoded | apple iphone | Decoded iPhone 14 Pro 1

The new iPhone 14 generation has now been available in stores for over a month. Since, in addition to our editorial staff, many other readers of our blog will certainly be holding a new Apple smartphone in their hands, we want to keep introducing you to interesting protective covers, cases and other accessories for the new iPhones.

After we have already introduced you to back cases from the manufacturer NOMAD, well known to us on the blog, and the outdoor case including bike mount from QuadLock, we are now introducing another portfolio of back covers and folio cases with the protective covers from the Dutch company Decoded. In the past few weeks, I’ve been able to take a closer look at four different models from Decoded for the new iPhone 14 Pro. You can find my first impressions below. Important to know in advance: All of the models presented here support Apple’s MagSafe feature and have appropriate magnets on the back.


Decoded Recycled Plastic Clear Case

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: cases and wallets by Decoded | apple iphone | Decoded iPhone 14 Pro 2

It starts with a classic transparent back cover, which is fortunately made from recycled GRS polycarbonate and has flexible TPU edges. Metal buttons for the volume and standby buttons and a dark gray metal frame around the rear camera lenses ensure a high-quality appearance. The height of the frame also prevents the sensitive lenses from being scratched. Inserting my iPhone 14 Pro is quick and easy, and there is also a MagSafe ring with a pleasantly strong grip. Compared to the transparent Apple case for the new iPhones, Decoded has also completely closed the bottom of the case, but is otherwise similarly thick. However, the purchase price of 34.99 euros for the decoded case is significantly more pleasant than Apple’s estimated 59 euros. It is currently available in Decoded web store for all iPhone 14 models.


Decoded AntiMicrobial Silicone Back Cover

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: cases and wallets by Decoded | apple iphone | Decoded iPhone 14 Pro 3

The Decoded AntiMicrobial Silicone Backcover also clearly borrows from Apple’s silicone case for the iPhone 14 (Pro/Max). I have the dark blue color variant called “Navy Peony”, which I really like with a great, strong shade of blue. Here, too, there is a camera frame made of color-coordinated metal and a strong MagSafe magnet, but there are no metal buttons here.

Inside, the back cover is lined with soft microfiber fabric to protect the edges and back of the iPhone. The silicone is antibacterial and has a velvety-soft feel, but unfortunately, like almost all cases made of this type of material, it also quickly attracts dust. The Decoded AntiMicrobial Silicone Backcover is available in a total of six color variants – dark blue, brown, olive green, orange, lavender and cream Webshop by Decoded or at TechnikDirekt available for EUR 39.99.

Decoded leather back cover

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: cases and wallets by Decoded | apple iphone | Decoded iPhone 14 Pro 4

If you prefer real leather to your new iPhone instead of plastic or silicone, you will also find suitable accessories at Decoded. The Decoded Leather Backcover is a classic leather case that is very similar to Apple’s design and is available in three colors – black, brown and navy blue – priced at 49.99 euros for all iPhone 14 models. Here, too, the manufacturer relies on metal buttons and a metal frame for the camera lenses, a completely enclosing design with cutouts for the Lightning port and the speakers, and a strong MagSafe magnet.

The leather is smooth, slightly shiny and feels comfortable in the hand, inside there is also a small layer of soft fabric to protect the back of the iPhone. The standby button on my navy blue test copy was a bit sluggish to press at first, but after a few days of use, it required significantly less pressure. The Decoded Leather Backcover is currently on the site of the manufacturer and at TechnikDirekt to have.

Decoded Leather Detachable Wallet

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: cases and wallets by Decoded | apple iphone | Decoded iPhone 14 Pro 5

In connection with the Decoded Leather Backcover just mentioned, there is also the Decoded Leather Detachable Wallet. The latter can be purchased either with a leather back case or as a modular wallet case if you already own the leather back cover and want to use it as a folio including a cover with credit card slots. The detachable wallet has a MagSafe magnet in both the leather case and the outer shell, which is also used to keep the back cover securely in place. With a thickness of around 1.9 cm, the wallet is of course a bit thicker than a normal back cover, but it also offers storage space for a total of three credit or customer cards and a slot for cash. A magnetic tab also ensures that the lid of the wallet stays in place.

Since the leather back case that comes with the detachable wallet is identical to the leather back cover presented above, different color combinations can even be created thanks to the modular factor, for example a dark blue back cover with a black outer wallet case. Due to the MagSafe magnets on the back of the wallet, you unfortunately have to do without a stand-up function for watching videos in landscape format – but the iPhone can also be charged with the wallet via MagSafe. Despite the relatively high weight of 330 grams including my iPhone 14 Pro, the MagSafe magnet remained stable and firm when charging via my Satechi charging station on the desk. Here you don’t have to be afraid that the magnet is too weak and the wallet and iPhone will fall off. The Decoded Leather Detachable Wallet is available in three colors, black, dark blue and brown, at a price of EUR 64.99 Webshop by Decoded and at TechnikDirekt available. Anyone who already owns a leather back cover from the manufacturer and only wants to retrofit the wallet pays 39.99 euros in the Decoded webshop.

Basically, the cases from Decoded are in no way inferior to the accessory products from Apple in terms of design, processing quality and materials, and are also significantly cheaper at around 2/3 of the prices estimated by Apple. I was pleased with all models about the strong MagSafe magnets, which provided a good hold, as well as the modular design and color combination options for the leather back cover and detachable wallet. You can also find cases for other iPhone generations on the Decoded website.

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