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Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: Sport Case & Modern Leather Case by NOMAD | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: Sport Case & Modern Leather Case by NOMAD | apple iphone | NOMAD iPhone 14 Pro Cases 1

The new iPhone 14 generation has now been available in stores for almost two weeks. Since, in addition to our editorial staff, many other readers of our blog will certainly be holding a new Apple smartphone in their hands, we want to use the next few days and weeks to present you with interesting protective covers, cases and other accessories for the new iPhones.

The manufacturer NOMAD, who is now well-known in our blog, will start off by reacting to the release of the iPhone 14 generation with two models from their own portfolio. Both that NOMAD Sports Case for 39.99 euros, as well as that NOMAD Modern Leather Case for 49.99 euros are already known from older iPhone generations and are now also offered for the iPhone 14 models. My iPhone 14 Pro was allowed to try on both copies in the last few days, and I can share my first impressions accordingly.


NOMAD Sport Case: Soft back and metal buttons

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: Sport Case & Modern Leather Case by NOMAD | apple iphone | NOMAD iPhone 14 Pro Cases 3

The start is made by the NOMAD Sport Case, which is made of scratch-resistant polycarbonate with a high-gloss PET coating on the back. The case is lined with microfiber on the inside and also features a MagSafe magnet for using compatible accessories. According to the manufacturer, the sports case is designed to protect the iPhone from falls from a height of up to 1.8 meters, and the raised edges also provide appropriate protection for the camera lenses on the back and the display.

My blue copy of the NOMAD Sport Case for the iPhone 14 Pro is relatively easy to put on, has very good all-round protection and is a real pleasure to hold thanks to the high-gloss back. You want to constantly slide the shiny material through your hands or run your fingers over it. Despite the high-gloss finish, the back does not attract fingerprints as quickly and can also be cleaned quickly and easily. The MagSafe magnet holds very well in my Satechi MagSafe charging station on the desk, so there is no risk of the Sport Case becoming independent and falling off. As a little extra, NOMAD has provided the side buttons of the case with metal buttons that match the color of the back and have very good pressure points. And at 34 grams, the NOMAD Sport Case, available in three colors – black, gray and light blue – isn’t overly heavy either.


NOMAD Modern Leather Case: Small bead for lanyard

Iphone 14 | Accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro: Sport Case & Modern Leather Case by NOMAD | apple iphone | NOMAD iPhone 14 Pro Cases 2

Those who prefer classic leather to a high-gloss PET coating on the back will be well served with the NOMAD Modern Leather Case. The back cover basically has the same look as the NOMAD Sport Case, but does without metal buttons and instead uses plain black plastic. Again, there’s a strong MagSafe magnet and raised edges for the camera lenses and screen.

For a long time, NOMAD has used two color variants for its own cases: black and dark brown. In the meantime, two other leather colors have also been introduced, “Natural” and “English Tan”. The latter is now available to me and is a rather lighter brown. The color looks much darker on the NOMAD website: the brown on my example is almost orange.

What is also noticeable with the Modern Leather Case is a wider bead at the bottom of the case compared to the manufacturer’s Sport Case, where the edges are symmetrically shaped all around. NOMAD justifies this with “two attachment points for lanyards” – the latter, however, is not offered on the company’s website. Personally, I would have preferred to do without the asymmetrical bead. In terms of fit and quality, there is nothing wrong with either the NOMAD Sport Case or the Modern Leather Case: Here, the manufacturer has the usual good workmanship and fitting accuracy for our favorite Apple devices. The leather back of the Modern Leather Case also gets a nice patina with regular use. After my short test phase, I can’t say anything about it, of course, but there is a thumbs up for both models and a recommendation if you are enthusiastic about the design of the cases. You can also see the entire NOMAD iPhone 14 portfolio at the site of the US company.

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