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Iphone 14 | Accident detection in iPhone 14 still throws false alarms | apple iphone

The accident detection in the iPhone 14 still triggers false alarms, especially from skiers. Emergency services deal with a deluge of automated calls.

The crash detection introduced by Apple with iOS 16 still causes problems with false alarms despite improvements in iOS 16.2. There are currently numerous automatic calls from skiers’ iPhones to the rescue services in the United States to bother.

None of the people involved were actually involved in a real accident. The load on the rescue system arises from the fact that the rescue services send out rescuers if the person concerned does not respond to a recall. This ties up resources that may then be missing in real emergencies.


Accident detection in iPhone 14 still throws false alarms

The system is actually designed to detect a serious car accident and, if necessary, to inform local emergency services about the location by telephone if the people in the vehicle do not react and, for example, cancel the automatic call.

Since the introduction, there have always been false alarms, for example in roller coaster. It is understandable that skiers, who may be carrying the iPhone 14 with them somewhere in their ski suit, may not always notice that the accident detection is triggered and the call goes out. Likewise, these people could also miss the recall of the rescue coordination center.

Apart from the expenditure of time, false alarms also tie up resources that people in real danger of life and limb may then lack.


There are already demands – also because of the many false alarms – to offer accident detection as an “opt-in”. The system is currently always active and must be deactivated by the users if necessary.

Iphone 14 | Accident detection in iPhone 14 still throws false alarms | apple iphone | IMG F0CE3634261D 1

Apple had the system with the iPhone 14 lineupthe Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE 2022 and the Apple Watch Ultra introduced. Based on sensor information and algorithms, it is designed to detect serious car accidents.

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