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Iphone 14 | All iPhone 14 (Pro) in one picture | apple iphone

So it’s true: Apple is redesigning the displays of its upcoming iPhone models. At least that is what a picture of the new windscreens that has now appeared suggests. A picture of the new designs is circulating on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo and on Twitter. Yes, plural – there are actually several.

That seems to confirm all the rumors about the iPhone 14. At least as far as the new design of the displays is concerned. Four different iPhone display discs can be seen in the leaked image. Two of them with the well-known Apple notch, two with the new pill and hole design. In order not to keep you in suspense, here is the said tweet:

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro with different displays

That looks pretty damn concrete, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, caution is advised. It’s a leak. This means there is a chance that the finished product will end up looking different. Still, let’s go through what we can learn about the new iPhones from the picture.

First of all, the rumors about different designs of the iPhone 14 models seem to be confirmed by the picture. Accordingly, the standard models will continue to have the same notch on the forehead as the iPhone 13 (here with a contract). The Pro models, on the other hand, get a makeover. In addition to a punch hole, which many other manufacturers already use for the front camera, there is a pill-shaped recess behind which the Face ID module will probably be hidden. So far everything agrees with the previous rumours.

In addition, the display edges seem to be thinner compared to the previous models. This supports a rumor from the last few days that was based on computer graphics. For you this means: More display area with the same size of mobile phone.

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The iPhone mini is dead – long live the iPhone Max

And another assumption is apparently confirmed: the iPhone mini is dead. In the picture we see two normal-sized display discs that will apparently be used on the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro. Instead of a smaller iPhone mini display, however, two larger front panes are revealed. This should finally make it clear that the small model will be replaced by an iPhone 14 Max.

how do you see it? Would you have liked to see a successor to the iPhone 13 mini (tested here)? Or can you do without the small model? And do you think it’s okay that the design of the Pro models should differ from that of the standard version? Iphone 14 | All iPhone 14 (Pro) in one picture | apple iphone | 9fef6fb46da6416796941bb5aa5f6d0f

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