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There are still months until the official presentation of the iPhone 14 – but the rumor mill on the Internet is already bubbling. BILD reveals what experts already know about the next iPhone generation and what exciting plans Apple has for its biggest fans.

A subscription for the iPhone

Apple insider Marc Gurman reports to Bloomberg that there could be a separate subscription for the iPhone as early as autumn. Apple wants to sell its devices directly to customers for a monthly fee, bypassing mobile operators. Similar to a leasing contract, customers would receive the current iPhone, return it at the end of a previously agreed period or exchange it for a new device.


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There are still few details about the iPhone subscription. But one thing is clear: It will initially only be offered in the USA and will primarily be aimed at customers who often exchange their smartphones for new models. It remains unclear how high the monthly fees could be, what Apple wants to do with the used devices later and what happens if one of the subscription iPhones breaks.

The next generation

In addition to the subscription, there is also all sorts of information about the iPhone 14. First of all, there is speculation about the future of the iPhone Mini. The small version of the Apple phone did not sell well and now has a cheaper competitor with the iPhone SE that has just been presented. Observers are assuming that there could no longer be a mini version when the next iPhone was presented in autumn.

Nevertheless, Apple is expected to introduce four new smartphones in September. In addition to the iPhone 14 and two Pro models, there should also be an iPhone 14 Max. The variants without Max in the name should get a 6.1-inch display, the two Maxes a 6.7-inch screen.


You can also hear all the news about the iPhone 14 in “Tech-Freaks”, the high-tech podcast from BILD.

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Pill instead of bar, A15 instead of A16

Also noticeable: The black bar at the top center of the display should disappear. The front camera and Face ID sensors of the new iPhones should sit under a round and an oval hole in the screen. So far it is still unclear whether both the base and the Pro model will get this new display version.

Some observers also assume that Apple will continue to use the notch bar on the iPhone 14 and only the Pro versions will get the newer, more inconspicuous screen recess.

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Another rumor is more surprising: Normally, all new iPhone models also get a new processor. This could change in 2022. This is how Apple works Top expert Ming-Chi Kuo assume that only the Pro versions of the iPhone 14 could get the new A16 chip. The other variants could continue to be equipped with the A15, which is already used in the iPhone 13.

More money for the iPhone

But perhaps the most important innovation could be the price of the iPhone models: So far, Apple has tried to keep the prices of its smartphones reasonably stable from generation to generation. Scarcity of raw materials, rising chip production costs and more expensive logistics have already led to a price increase of around eight percent for the iPhone SE. If this increase is also applied to the new iPhone 14 models, it would mean that a basic model of the iPhone 14 would then cost 969 euros instead of the previous 899 euros. The iPhone 14 Pro Max would even cost 1349 euros instead of 1249 euros.

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