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Iphone 14 | An iPhone 14 should come later | apple iphone

from Claus Ludewig
According to business magazine Nikkei Asia, the iPhone 14 Max will be released later this year. The background is said to be the zero Covid policy in China.

Every year in the fall, Apple hosts an event where new devices are presented. Mostly then the new iteration of iPhones is released. The iPhone 14 is expected for this year, with the rumor mill assuming a total of four different smartphone models. According to Nikkei Asia, there will be delays this year, so that iPhone 14 Max coming later than planned could.

Zero Covid strategy to slow down iPhone 14 Max development

The background should be the lockdowns in China. After all, Apple has the iPhone and some components manufactured in China. However, a strict lockdown has been in place since the end of March as soon as new corona diseases become known in a region. In and around Shanghai, for example, the economy is at a standstill. With the so-called zero-Covid strategy, the Chinese leadership wants to distinguish itself and thus curb the spread of Sars-Cov-2. According to Apple suppliers, the speed at which Shanghai is reopening is quite slow.


Consequently, this delay could also mean that at least the iPhone 14 Max will appear later than planned, as it is three weeks behind schedule. After all, Apple had already received promises for the production of two of the four allegedly planned new iPhone versions. At the contract manufacturer Pegatron, however, the production facilities in Shanghai and Kunshan had to close for weeks and have only been allowed to produce again since May 16th. Both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Max as well as the two Pro models should go into mass production by September at the latest. It seems questionable how many new iPhones the contract manufacturers can produce after – in some plants – work has only been allowed again since May 16th.

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Collection on the possible delay in the launch of the iPhone 14 Max:

  • According to the business magazine Nikkei Asia, the iPhone 14 Max will appear later than originally planned. The background is the zero-Covid policy in China.
  • For example, the contract manufacturer Pegatron had to close its plants in Shanghai and Kunshan for several weeks. It has only been possible to produce again since May 16th. This is said to have an impact on the production of the iPhone 14 Max.
  • The iPhone 14 Max is said to lag behind its own schedule by three weeks.

Source: Nike Asia

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