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Iphone 14 | Android phones should get important iPhone 14 feature | apple iphone

When choosing between Android phones or iPhone is not only decided by personal taste. Certain features can also influence the purchase. For example, the iPhone 14 has an emergency call function that lets you contact the emergency services via satellite in an emergency. But this unique selling point could soon be a thing of the past and also be available for Android.

Android cell phones also with satellite emergency call

At least that’s what the Bullitt Group intends to do. The British company has specialized in satellite communication via smartphones. A report by Techbook according to have been working on making the service available for Android phones for several years.

The satellite emergency call via SMS makes it possible to inform emergency services even in remote locations. This is particularly important when hiking or at sea – and of course in other areas where cell phone reception leaves something to be desired.


Instead of the Android cell phones dialing up a conventional mobile phone mast, the call is set up via satellite. It may take a little longer to connect, but it’s always better than no help at all if you’re injured.

Bullitt Satellite Connect isn’t just for first responders

At the Consumer Technology Association (CES), a tech fair in Las Vegas, the company presented the Bullitt Satellite Connect. They not only want to make the work easier for rescue workers and recovery teams. The function should also be available with the normal Android cell phone of the average consumer,

In addition to emergency SMS via satellite, it will also be possible to send normal text messages. A chip attachment that was developed together with Mediatek is used for this purpose. The smartphone parts manufacturer allows many brands to add the option to their hardware.


The first Android phones with this feature are expected to appear at the end of February. To be more precise, these are devices from Motorola’s Defy series, which are aimed at outdoor fans anyway.

Source: Techbook

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