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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14: Are there problems with the chip production? | apple iphone

Among Apple fans, the iPhone 13 is the gadget of the hour. For the manufacturer itself, the smartphone should already be a thing of the past. Because behind closed doors, the company is almost certainly working on the iPhone 14. After all, it has to be ready by autumn 2022 and shine with all sorts of new features in order to persuade loyal customers to buy it every year. The first leaks show what the next Apple cell phone could look like. However, the cards are apparently being reshuffled behind the scenes, because production problems are probably thwarting Apple’s previous plans.
At least that’s what the website reports the information (payment barrier) and refers to difficulties at the chip supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). As a result, it is currently not able to produce the chips intended for the iPhone 14 using the 3-nanometer manufacturing process as planned. The A16 processor for the iPhone 14 supposedly should have been the first mass-produced smartphone chip of its kind. The more compact design should bring more computing power and lower power consumption while saving space and thus enable a new design with a smaller Face ID notch and larger camera sensors.

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iPhone 14: less spectacular than expected?

TSMC has been reducing the structure width of its chips regularly for years, so that manufacturers like Apple can fall back on even smaller and more efficient components every two years at the latest. However, the leap from the current 5-nanometer process to the targeted 3 nanometers appears to be presenting the company with serious challenges for the first time. According to the report, the company is likely to be forced to postpone the switch to 2023.

In practice, this means that the technological leaps in the iPhone 14 could be significantly smaller than Apple initially planned and fans expected. Experts are now assuming that Apple will also use the optimized 5-nanometer-plus process in the next smartphone, which was already used for the iPhone 13. It would be the first time in iPhone history that Apple would use the same process three times in a row. It remains to be seen whether this will actually happen. Apple is TSMC’s best customer and given top priority due to the high volume of orders. It is quite possible that under this pressure the chip manufacturer will still find a quick solution for the 3-nanometer process.

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