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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14: Big camera upgrade finally confirmed? | apple iphone

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Apple could give the camera of the iPhone 14, which is expected later this year, several upgrades. A well-known analyst is now promising a special camera upgrade for the upcoming iPhone, which many fans have been longing for for a long time.

Rumors arose last year that the Cupertino-based manufacturer could finally say goodbye to 12 MP main sensors in iPhones and instead use 48 MP sensors for the main cameras. In addition, the selfie camera should also make a big leap in performance and, among other things, finally get better autofocus. The latter is now backed up once again by the often well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and provides more information.



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iPhone 14: Selfie upgrade is actually coming

In the early stages before the release of a new iPhone, there is often a lot of speculation on the internet – but not all of it turns out to be true. The closer we get to the launch of the next iPhone, the more the rumors intensify and thus provide a much better picture. Analyst Min-Chi Kuo now confirms with a new post on the blog Medium that Apple will indeed install an improved selfie camera in the iPhone 14.

The iPhone selfie camera, which has hardly changed in recent years, is to have a total of six new lens elements (previously five) in addition to an auto focus (previously fixed focus) and a faster aperture (f/1.9). In practice, this should lead to better low-light performance and better edge sharpness.

Kuo also provides information about Apple’s supplier orders. Sony (sensor), Genius and Lagarn (lenses), Alps and Luxshare ICT (autofocus motor) and LG Innotek and Cowell (module) are said to be responsible for the front camera parts.

Selfie camera still with 12 MP?

The new iPhone 14 rumors are good news for selfie fans. Whether a new iPhone (with a contract with us) is really worth it in the fall also depends on the resolution. It is still questionable whether Apple will equip the front camera with a higher resolution in addition to the main camera. Apple may also link this innovation to the Pro models. At least the notch redesign of the iPhone 14 should be reserved for Pro variants. Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14: Big camera upgrade finally confirmed? | apple iphone | fe86c1aff9144599a0175a5164b448e7

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