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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14: Discreet emergency call possible | apple iphone

The worst case scenario happens: you become a victim or witness a robbery, you are alone and … you have an iPhone. The good news is that an emergency call can be made inconspicuously. The mediocre good news: Anyone who selects the emergency call function elicits a revealing signal tone from their device. That could scare the criminals. That changes Apple well. IMTEST explains how to use the functions.

As of today, the satellite emergency call is also available in Germany.

Send emergency call SOS on the iPhone

If you make a call with the “Emergency SOS” function on the iPhone, you automatically inform the local rescue service. Users can also store emergency contacts. They receive an automatic notification when the user makes such an emergency call. This includes information about the location of the person concerned.

To use the feature, you have to press and hold the side button and one of the volume buttons at the same time for a few seconds. Then the display “Emergency SOS” appears. If you confirm the slider that appears, you can make an emergency call. If you ignore the slider and keep the two buttons pressed, a countdown appears and a beep sounds. After the countdown ends, the iPhone automatically sends an emergency call.

Emergency call SoS on the Apple iPhone
The emergency call function on the iPhone can be used in normal mode and in discreet mode after the update to iOS 16.3. © Apple

Enable Discreet Mode on iPhone

iOS 16.3 now brings an innovation to the emergency function of the Apple iPhone 14. Previously, the device made a little noise when the user made an emergency call. The update now makes a discrete mode possible. To activate this, select “Emergency SOS” in the settings and activate the “Call discreetly” option. The emergency call can be made very inconspicuously and the criminals are not startled. IMTEST does not give a clear recommendation for or against the function, because which type of call for help is helpful depends on the individual case.

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