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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14: False alarms put a strain on emergency call services in ski resorts | life & knowledge | apple iphone

Missed with automatic accident detection Apple its iPhones of the 14 series and the Apple Watch have a life-saving feature: If the victims of an accident or people in need are no longer able to make an emergency call themselves, the iPhone takes over and automatically calls for help.

In the ski season, it is precisely this function that causes problems: Like the “New York Post” reported, emergency call services in many US ski resorts are complaining about a sharp increase in emergency calls – triggered by the iPhone 14. The catch: in many cases these are false alarms.

Because the smartphone works with acceleration sensors to detect accidents, there are 15 to 25 percent more emergency calls in ski and snowboard areas. The fast speeds and abrupt steering maneuvers apparently confuse the automatic crash detection system – and the emergency services are informed.


While winter holidaymakers often do not notice their own emergency calls, the emergency services are often busy with false alarms for far too long: the location data sent is used to notify the piste staff, who have to check the situation on site. In the worst case, this chain of emergency calls could last several hours. An emergency call center in the US state of Pennsylvania reported 20 automated calls in one day.

The iPhone technology also proves to be faulty with other fast leisure activities: For example, a false alarm can also be triggered when riding a roller coaster. According to reports, Apple is already working to fix the problem: The company is working with emergency call centers to reduce the number of false alarms.

Deadliest ski season in Austria

For many skiers who have REALLY had an accident, the optimization of the feature could become a matter of survival in the future. Especially against the background that the number of ski accidents in the current season is apparently rising sharply and false alarms could block the lines for actual emergencies in the worst case.


► Example Austria: Since November 2022, 13 people have already died on the slopes of our neighboring country. A sad giant increase: Local authorities spoke of twice as many accidents as in previous years. The reason: Because of the acute lack of snow, according to those responsible, important fall areas are missing. Among other things, two 17-year-old vacationers from Bavaria died when they went over the edge of a slope and fell down.

Rumors about new Apple devices

In addition to the planned improvement of the fall feature, rumors are circulating in the tech scene that Apple could present new devices this Tuesday. This is reported, among other things, by the magazine “ 9to5Mac‘ and well-informed Apple insider Jon Prosser.

However, a groundbreaking announcement is not expected. According to the rumors, Apple only wants to announce the new products via press release. Larger product updates are usually presented at their own event – for example at the legendary annual iPhone presentations.

Nevertheless, it is expected that Apple will present a product hammer in the spring: an “Augmented Reality” headset. Virtual fade-ins into the real world should be possible via the glasses. That’s what the usually well-informed Apple insider Mark Gurman of Business Intelligence recently said. Bloomberg‘ revealed. One thing is clear: It would be the most spectacular Apple product in years.

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