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Iphone 14 | Apple: iPhone 14 gets emergency SOS via satellite | apple iphone

Not much is better than the feeling of completely immersing yourself in nature: no roads, no cars, no noise. However, no one who could quickly rescue you in an emergency. In order to always have a feeling of security when making discoveries far away from civilization, Apple has worked on an innovation. This is one of the new functions of the iPhone 14 series, which will only be launched in November with a slight delay. IMTEST reveals what’s behind it.

The new models of the iPhone 14 from Apple in the test.


Who so far from the SOS function The ones that benefited from iPhones had some level of security, but needed cellular or WiFi connectivity. So far it has been said: no reception, no emergency call. Apple would like to be the first manufacturer in the world to close this gap by being able to communicate via a satellite network. This can be done either manually or even automatically. Because if the iPhone detects a fall, an emergency call is made to the nearest help center with the help of other functions.

iPhone Feature: North America only

According to Apple, an investment of 450 million dollars was necessary to develop this function. In addition to the satellite infrastructure, which global star is operated, it was also necessary to set up a call center network. Employees in these call centers will in future accept emergency calls and then process them further. The feature will be available from November, but initially only in the US and Canada.

Screenshot of the iPhone function SOS emergency call from Apple.
The function makes it possible to contact the emergency number even if there is no cell phone connection.
Screenshot of the iPhone function SOS emergency call from Apple.
In order to facilitate the recovery process, you will be given precise instructions on which direction the iPhone should be held.
Screenshot of the iPhone function SOS emergency call from Apple.
Thanks to satellite technology, precise localization is possible.

We are proud that this service is made possible by leading US companies and that our users can explore off-grid areas knowing they are still within reach of emergency services in the event of an emergency.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer

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