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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14 Plus review | apple iphone

The iPhone 14 Plus does not contain Apple’s latest processor, but “only” the Apple A15 Bionic – which we already know from the iPhone 13 generation. But the 6-core with a maximum clock frequency of 3.2 GHz is still one of the best smartphone processors currently on the market.

Nevertheless, in the test we rate the performance of the iPhone 14 Plus as being on a par with the Pro models that are equipped with the new A16 Bionic. In terms of performance, the plus-size iPhone is one of the absolute top devices. The iPhone 14 Plus can also hold its own in comparison to its indirect predecessor, because despite the identical CPU, there is an upgrade for the graphics performance: The cell phone now has 5 instead of 4 GPU cores, which is also noticeable in the benchmark. In the graphics test GFX-Bench (1,440p Manhattan 3.1.1), the iPhone 14 Plus achieved 99 fps – and is therefore on the same level as the Pro models. Put simply, this means that all standard apps and more demanding applications as well as high-end gaming are no problem for the iPhone 14 Plus.

The iPhone 14 Plus has a very good battery life of 17 hours and 51 minutes. This shows once again how efficiently Apple software and hardware work together. However, you need a little patience for charging, because the battery is only at 43 percent of its nominal capacity (4,325 mAh) after 30 minutes. A full charge cycle takes 2 hours and 25 minutes. Not top values, but bearable in view of the enormous runtime of almost 18 hours.


Apple still does not include a power adapter in the scope of delivery in order to reduce the CO² footprint. If you do have to buy a power adapter, you’ll have to pay around 25 euros for the original power adapter with a charging capacity of 20 watts. Alternatively, the iPhone 14 Plus can be charged wirelessly.

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