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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14 Pro: An analyst gives details about the higher prices | apple iphone

Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, has indicated that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will each increase in price by $100 compared to their direct predecessors. The analyst hints that the base models “may” get memory upgrades, but analyst Jeff Pu recently indicated that Apple will continue to offer models with 128GB of memory.

In any case, the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro in the US will cost $1,099 instead of the $999 of the iPhone 13 Pro (approx. 1,060 euros on Amazon). In view of the current exchange rate plus 19 percent VAT, this would correspond to a price of 1,282 euros, a price increase of 133 euros compared to the previous model.

In the previous year, Apple did not convert the exchange rate directly, but added a surcharge of almost 15 percent, which would mean that the device would cost 1,474 euros in Germany, so customers should expect a price of between 1,299 euros and 1,499 euros for the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro. If the memory configurations remain the same and all models are $100 more expensive, as indicated by Daniel Ives, the prices for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are as follows:

  • iPhone 14 Pro 128GB $1,099 / €1,282-€1,474
  • iPhone 14 Pro 256GB $1,199 / €1,399 – €1,608
  • iPhone 14 Pro 512GB $1,399 / €1,632-€1,876
  • iPhone 14 Pro 1TB $1,599 / €1,867-€2,147
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB $1,199 / €1,399 – €1,608
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB $1,299 / €1,516-€1,743
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 512GB $1,499 / €1,750-€2,012
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB $1,699 / €1,983-€2,280

The iPhone 14 series is expected to be officially launched in the first half of September. While the regular iPhone 14 is rumored to offer few new features, the Pro models come with a faster Apple A16 Bionic, a 48 MP main camera with 8K video features, an always-on OLED display and a dual punch hole instead of the notch.

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