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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14: Problems with pre-orders cause frustration | apple iphone

After numerous rumors and speculations, Apple finally has this as part of its big 2022 keynote iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus and the more powerful Pro Max models. A few days after the launch event – on September 9, 2022 to be precise – the pre-orders have already started. This works, for example, via the Apple Store app or via retailers such as Media Markt and Saturn. However, speed is required, because the smartphones are unsurprisingly selling like hot cakes. As with the iPhone 13, however, this rush of pre-orders is causing massive problems. One result: incorrect ordering processes and then a lot of frustration. IMTEST shows what difficulties there are and where you can order the iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 and its sibling models are here. IMTEST summarizes what’s inside, how much the smartphones cost.


iPhone 14 pre-sale: Multiple problems

As already mentioned, there are several reasons why the iPhone 14 pre-order is not going as expected for many. Like the online portal”The Verge” reported with reference to US user experiences, problems arise when purchasing from network operators, for example. Accordingly, the telephone number cannot be specified, which makes the purchase impossible. It is not known whether this problem is also currently occurring in Germany. Other users are annoyed that payments via credit card are refused. But that’s not all: the Apple servers are also said to go down again and again, which means that you have to start the ordering process again and again.

The image shows a screenshot of the Apple website.
Click on “Pre-order” and secure the iPhone 14: What sounds easy can in fact become an ordeal. © IN THE TEST

Some users report that they managed to do it after several attempts. But then comes the nasty surprise. Because only then do many people realize with horror where they stand in the pre-order queue. The targeted delivery date of September 16, 2022 is happily pushed back by weeks – more than frustrating.

Curious: These problems are not new to Apple. Even the advance sale of the iPhone 13 was characterized by chaotic conditions. So the iPhone maker hasn’t learned from past mistakes in this regard. And the complaints are also increasing with the newly introduced Apple AirPods Pro. IMTEST has summarized what the new generation of in-ear headphones should do better in a separate article.


The new Apple AirPods Pro 2 look like their predecessor, but should sound better and play music longer.

Pre-order iPhone 14: It works here

In many places, the different iPhone 14 models are already sold out. That’s why it’s worth trying the pre-order in different ways. The following overview shows the options available:

  • Apple website: If you are currently visiting the Apple website, you will be immediately greeted by the iPhone 14 and the pre-order button. Only one click is needed to start the ordering process including the configuration. But: Server overload can cause problems.
  • Apple store app: According to rumors, pre-ordering via the Apple Store’s official smartphone app should work a little faster. Payment is made with the stored credit card data, which is also used to buy paid applications in the App Store. But: In the meantime, buying via the Apple Store app is no longer an insider tip.
  • dealer: Of course, the iPhone 14 can also be pre-ordered from retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt and Saturn – either online or in the traditional way in stores.
  • network operator: You can also secure the phone in advance via the websites of Telekom, Vodafone and other network operators. There are special offers if the iPhone 14 is pre-ordered with a contract, for example. At Telekom, for example, there is the Magenta M contract. You pay 69.95 euros per month for the 128 gigabyte version of the normal iPhone 14. At the beginning, however, a one-off payment of 459.95 euros is required.

iOS 16 for your iPhone is here – and with it comes a whole host of new features related to photos, messages and health.

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