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Iphone 14 | Apple iPhone 14 review | CHIP | apple iphone

The Apple iPhone 14 features the Apple A15 Bionic processor with 6 CPU cores and a maximum clock frequency of 3.2 GHz. This means that the “standard model” does not have the full range of features in this area either, because the Pro models can boast of the A16 chip. Nevertheless, we rate the performance of the iPhone 14 as equal in the test. In this respect, the smartphone is one of the absolute top devices. The iPhone 14 can also hold its own in comparison to its predecessor, because despite the identical CPU, there is an upgrade for the graphics performance: The cell phone now has 5 instead of 4 GPU cores, which is also noticeable in the benchmark. In the graphics test GFXbench (1,440p Manhattan 3.1.1), the iPhone 13 still achieved 80 frames per second (fps), the successor achieves over 100 fps – and is therefore on the same level as the Pro models.

When rendering our large test PDF, the Apple iPhone 14 performs identically to the iPhone 14 Pro and completes its work in 1.1 seconds. Put more simply, this means that the iPhone 14 delivers top performance, both for standard apps and more demanding applications as well as for high-end gaming. It is not noticeable that the processor is not the current top model from Apple. As the test of the Pro models shows, the A16 chip has better energy efficiency than the A15, but even that has very little effect on everyday use. Apple has obviously made improvements.

In the runtime test with fixed display brightness and Internet surfing in the LTE network, the battery of the Apple iPhone 14 lasted a strong 15:53 ​​hours. Compared to the iPhone 13, that’s almost 3 hours more. The battery model is actually new, but the capacity has only been slightly increased from 3,240 to 3,279 mAh. So the improvement is arguably a combination of hardware and software. The iPhone 14 needs slightly longer to charge the deeply drained battery, namely 2:06 hours. After 30 minutes of charging, however, 52 percent has already been reached, which is good for around 8 hours of operation.

The smartphone, which still has a Lightning port, is charged using USB Power Delivery 2.0. However, a corresponding power supply unit is not part of the scope of delivery, as is now common with Apple. If you don’t have one yet, you have to pay around 25 euros for the accessories. Alternatively, you can charge the Apple iPhone 14 wirelessly using a Qi charger. The magnets on the back of the smartphone also ensure that it is automatically positioned in the best charging position on optimized chargers.

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