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Iphone 14 | Apple is disappointed with the sales of the iPhone 14 series, production will not be increased | apple iphone

Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 14 (approx. 999 euros on Amazon) and the iPhone 14 Pro, there have been reports that the base model isn’t selling nearly as well as the two Pro models. This is also noticeable in the delivery times, because the iPhone 14 is in stock both in the Apple Online Store and at many retailers, while buyers of the iPhone 14 Pro have to wait three to four weeks for delivery.

Bloomberg now reports that Apple has contacted its suppliers to cancel the planned production increase of six million units. Instead, Apple is reportedly sticking with the original plan of making a total of 90 million iPhone 14s by the end of the year, putting iPhone 14-series sales roughly in line with iPhone 13-series sales last year. At least one supplier is said to have relocated some production capacity to produce more iPhone 14 Pro and fewer iPhone 14.

The reason for this change of plan is apparently the lack of demand for the new iPhones – demand fell more after the launch weekend than Apple expected. According to Bloomberg, this is due to the current very high level of inflation, fears of a recession and uncertainty surrounding Russia’s attack on Ukraine. In China, the iPhone 14 sold 11 percent less than the iPhone 13 over the launch weekend. These factors affect the entire smartphone market, which is expected to shrink by 6.5 percent this year.


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