Thursday, December 8, 2022

Iphone 14 | Apple is redesigning the “Dynamic Island” of its iPhone 14 Pro | apple iphone

Apple is redesigning the “Dynamic Island” in the iPhone 14 Pro. The feature is according to “watson” the most noticed innovation of Apple’s new smartphone generation. This is the pill-shaped recess in the display, in which the selfie camera and the technology for automatic face recognition are located. The iPhone manufacturer has integrated the “Dynamic Island” in such a way that that it serves as a starting point for certain notifications, but now there was a problem with that.

With the notifications from “Dynamic Island” it is not possible to see where they start and where they end on a dark background. This also applies if the device is used in dark mode. With the upcoming update to iOS 16.1, a faint gray line should now separate the notifications from the background on a dark background.

You can find out here what other innovations Apple announced together with the next iPhone generation in August.


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