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Iphone 14 | Apple planned Apple Pencil for the iPhone 14 | apple iphone

According to a source, Apple is said to have planned a stylus for the iPhone 14 but scrapped the idea at the last minute.

The DuanRui account published a report on Twitter about a project codenamed “Marker”. “Marker” was supposed to be a kind of passive Apple Pencil, with no built-in battery and no pressure level detection, that should work with the iPhone. The functionality is similar to that of the Samsung S Pen. Unlike Samsung, however, Apple stopped the project very late. The source says a million units of the new Pencil had already been produced before the project was cancelled.


Screenshot-2022-11-29-at-09.02.53-scaled Apple planned Apple Pencil for iPhone 14 technology

The reliability of the source is not yet certain. So far, DuanRui is the only account that has reported on the “Marker” project. The controversy surrounding the iPad 10, which only awkwardly connects to the first-generation Apple Pencil via an adapter and cable, could in a way be explained by this. Perhaps the “Marker” pencil was also planned for the iPad 10 and therefore the necessary hardware for the Apple Pencil 2 was not installed in the iPad 10. When “Marker” was not to come onto the market after all, Apple could have faced the problem of having to design another pen for the iPad 10. The most obvious solution was to equip the first Apple Pencil with said adapter.



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