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Iphone 14 | Apple releases new iPhone 14 Pro video › Macerkopf | apple iphone

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With the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Apple introduced a new Action mode that ensures videos are recorded with significantly less shake when you’re in motion. To demonstrate the whole thing, those responsible from Cupertino have now published a new clip on YouTube.

Iphone 14 | Apple releases new iPhone 14 Pro video › Macerkopf | apple iphone | testing action mode iphone 14 pro

Apple releases new “Shot on iPhone 14 Pro” video

Apple has released a new video on YouTube to demonstrate the quality of the video camera. Strictly speaking, it’s about the action mode that was introduced with the new iPhone 14 family.

As in ours iPhone 14 Pro Max review described, with the action mode you have the possibility to record stabilized videos when you are in motion and don’t have a gimbal at hand. It doesn’t matter whether you’re recording videos from an off-road vehicle during a safari, for example, or walking behind or next to a subject, the videos look much less blurred with the action mode.


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The action mode is activated via the camera app -> video. There you will find a small runner icon that you can use to toggle the mode on and off. If you record your videos in 4K, the action mode regulates the recording down to 2.8K. Apple uses the “remaining” pixels to compensate for the movement.

Since, as is well known, a picture says more than a thousand words, Apple has published the “Testing Action Mode” clip, which is used to test and illustrate the action mode in various scenarios.

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