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Iphone 14 | Apple wants to prepare Android users for the switch to the iPhone 14 with an insightful video | apple iphone

Apple apparently wants to prepare Android users for the launch of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro with the video embedded below, because in around four and a half minutes the company explains what Android users can expect when switching to an iPhone. The focus is on frequently asked questions, unsurprisingly led by the transfer of personal data such as photos, contacts and messages.

Apple doesn’t miss this opportunity to promote the Transfer to iOS app, which is free from the Google Play Store can be loaded, and which can transfer a variety of data from an Android smartphone to a new iPhone almost automatically. Apple then promotes the trade-in option, which potentially gives iPhone buyers a discount if they trade in an old Android smartphone. Question 3 is about the longevity of the iPhone – the Ceramic Shield is surprisingly not mentioned, but the waterproof housing and the comparatively long battery life are.

When asked if an iPhone would be reliable and get the latest updates, Apple replies that iPhones get updates faster than many of its competitors – with some Android flagships still waiting to update to Android 12, that fact is hardly irrelevant to point a hand. Finally, Apple goes into data protection and the support that the group offers on request. Whether these advantages are enough to persuade Android users to switch to the iPhone 14 remains to be seen, because the iPhone 14 series will be significantly more expensive, although the basic model will hardly offer any new features.


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