Friday, June 2, 2023

Iphone 14 | Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 14 mistakenly call 911 while skiing | apple iphone

One of the more interesting new features coming with the iPhone 14 (approx. 980 euros on Amazon), the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra is the car crash detection. This uses the devices’ sensors to identify abrupt changes in speed, changes in the pressure inside the driver’s cabin, the sudden change of direction and the high noise level on impact.

If a car accident is detected, Apple’s latest gadgets automatically call emergency services. This can potentially save lives, especially if the user is unable to dial emergency services themselves after a serious accident. As KSL reports, Apple’s car accident detection cannot really distinguish between skiing and a car accident, because according to employees of the responsible control center, an emergency call center in Summit County, Colorado, receives three to five erroneous emergency calls a day.

As a rule, users of the iPhone 14 or the Apple Watch do not answer the questions from the emergency call center because they do not even notice that the emergency call has been called. Since Apple’s SOS system also sends the phone number for a callback in addition to the GPS coordinates, the situation can usually be clarified without sending an ambulance to the slope. Despite everything, the emergency call center recommends users of the devices to leave the car accident detection activated, since an accidental emergency call on the piste is less of a problem than a car accident in which the emergency call is not dialled.


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