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Iphone 14 | Apple Watch Ultra & iPhone 14: SOS function constantly calls the emergency number | apple iphone

Dangerous accident or winter fun? That iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Ultra regularly experience great confusion. the emergency function of the devices apparently cannot tell whether the wearer is simply skiing or is involved in a car accident. That is why the employees of an emergency call center regularly receive false automatic emergency calls.

The Oceanic+ app for the Apple Watch Ultra is available now and takes divers to unknown depths.

In principle, the new emergency function of the Apple Watch Ultra and the iPhone 14 is a great idea. Unfortunately, the technology doesn’t seem to be fully developed yet. The devices’ sensors are designed to detect abrupt changes in speed and sudden changes in direction. They should also be able to identify changes in the interior pressure in a driver’s cab and the high noise level in the event of an impact. When the devices believe an accident has occurred, they automatically call emergency services. This feature can potentially be life-saving. For example, if you are unable to move after a fall or collision.

Iphone 14 | Apple Watch Ultra & iPhone 14: SOS function constantly calls the emergency number | apple iphone | Ski
Rapid descent on the ski slope or dangerous car accident? The distinction between Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone 14 is not easy. © Oleksandr Pyrohov / Pixabay

Apple Watch Ultra & iPhone 14: Error-prone emergency call function

Unfortunately, the system is quite error-prone, which the employees of the emergency call center in Summit County Ski Area, Colorado three to five times a day. While leaving the ski slope, the Apple Watch Ultra and the iPhone 14 sound the alarm. As a rule, the owners of the devices do not even notice that they have made an emergency call. Accordingly, there is no answer to questions from the emergency staff. The situation is then usually cleared up by the emergency call center calling the owner back, because the devices also transmit the mobile number of their owner. This can often prevent emergency vehicles from driving onto the slopes unnecessarily. However, the emergency call center does not advise against using the car accident function. Because: an erroneous call can be clarified, a missed emergency call in a real car accident is far more problematic.

In December 2022, Apple wants the Service also to Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland bring. IMTEST has that iPhone 14 in the big smartphone guide examined more closely. IMTEST also gives tips for the perfect Training with the Apple Watch Ultra.

The new models of the iPhone 14 from Apple in the test.

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