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Iphone 14 | Apple website: iPhone 14 Plus should be called “iPhone 14 Max”. | apple iphone

Apparently Apple wanted to give its iPhone 14 Plus, which will be released next Friday, a different name. At least that is what emerges from several clues that have now been discovered on the company’s official website. It remains unclear whether this is an error or the name that was actually planned.

Even before the official presentation of the iPhone 14 Plus on September 7th, the rumor mill had always referred to the model as the “iPhone 14 Max” – for the simple reason that its form factor resembled that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max (or its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro Max) remembered. Both models come with a 6.7-inch case; In Apple’s product line, the 14 Plus now replaces the 5.4-inch 13 mini, which was considered a slow seller.

As the Dutch Apple blog iCreate has now noticed, the designation “iPhone 14 Max” has been added at least two spots on used. This affected both a support document and a table with regulatory information on the 14 iPhones. Apple has now corrected the erroneous designations itself, so the correct plus can now be read here instead of “Max”.

The wrong designations were found on the one hand in an image title – which sounds more like a simple mistake – and in a document that links to regulatory information. There the model called A2886 was suddenly referred to as “iPhone 14 Max” – openly on the website. It is also conceivable that the employees responsible for the website were only informed late about the actual names of the devices.

The iPhone 14 Plus will be released on October 7th. So far, the demand for the devices should be rather weak. After all, the order deadline has now slipped back slightly: If you try to buy the new model today, it won’t be delivered until October 11th. However, Apple should also have free stocks in its stores on Friday, market observers estimate. If you really want the device, you should pay a visit to a local Apple Store.

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