Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iphone 14 | Apple’s new, action-packed iPhone 14 Pro commercial: The best camera for Hollywood-style car chases | apple iphone

If you want to make it big in Hollywood, sooner or later you have to be able to stage a chase. The marketing professionals at Apple have now shot a new and very action-packed commercial for this target group, which of course focuses on the camera of the iPhone 14 Pro. iPhone cameras are traditionally considered the best smartphone cameras for videographers, and the current iPhone 14 Pro with its “certified” DxOMark seal as “best smartphone camera for video recordings” is in no way inferior.

In the brand new promotional video “Chase” (see below), the iPhone 14 Pro is not only used for dramatic chases, but also stop-motion filmmakers should have the perfect tool at hand, as Apple suggests. The new 48 megapixel main camera creates ProRes films in full resolution, the new action mode is said to be dangerous for action cameras such as a GoPro, fans of classic cinema frame rates will be happy about the cinematic mode in 24 fps.

“Our best pro camera” calls Apple the iPhone 14 Pro (can be ordered here at Amazon from 1,300 euros) and iPhone 14 Pro Max and even treats the “Chase commercial” to a dedicated film poster, including the Dolby Vision logo, of course. Our test, which will be available online shortly, will soon show whether the new iPhone 14 Pro is really as good as Apple claims. In 2023, the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra should probably get the title “best video camera” – then maybe with 8K ProRes video.


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