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Iphone 14 | Battle in 4K: will the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra be as good as the Apple iPhone 14? | apple iphone

That Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra features a portrait video mode that is compatible with the cinematic mode of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 is comparable. This adds various effects to video recording, including a bokeh effect. However, the resolution is limited to 1080p even when using the main camera. A new rumor has it that this feature will be improved on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and bumped up to a 4K resolution.

Better bokeh effect on Galaxy S23 Ultra

The tipster “IceUniverse”, which is considered reliable, has about the Chinese social network Sina Weibo have announced some more information about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and its camera functions. According to him, Samsung will upgrade the portrait video mode from last year’s 1080p Galaxy S22 up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second, finally matching the 4K resolution of the iPhone 14 in cinema mode.

The source also notes that the South Korean company has improved the separation between foreground and background, or the degree of blurring when shooting. It is quite possible that these changes apply not only to the blur effect, but also to other effects.


Unfortunately, it was not clear whether the Galaxy S23 and S23Plus get the same upgrade as the Ultra is the only model that comes with a new 200 MP main sensor is equipped. But since the Galaxy S22 had similar camera capabilities to the Galaxy S22 Ultra with a larger main sensor, it’s quite likely that the entire Galaxy S23 lineup will benefit from 4K portrait videos.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Alleged rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. / © Twitter/u/OnLeaks

Samsung teases moon photography

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S23 on February 1st. The company also announced early features like that Moon photography of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Most of the information suggests that the premium camera phone will get a better zoom than its predecessor.

On the other hand, according to initial reports, Samsung will increase prices for the entire Galaxy S23 (Ultra) range, at least outside the US.


We want to know from you whether you are considering buying a Galaxy S23 (Ultra) in view of the planned price increase? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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