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Iphone 14 | Buy iPhone 14 cheap: price development and the best deals | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | Buy iPhone 14 cheap: price development and the best deals | apple iphone | iPhone 14 Aufmacher

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The new iPhone 14 generation is at least 200.00 euros more expensive than its predecessor. The iPhone 14 starts at EUR 999.00, while the iPhone 13 was already available from EUR 799.00.

According to a price forecast by the price comparison portal Idealo* however, should iPhone 14 prices fall soon. You can buy the four new smartphones up to 14 percent cheaper just a few months after their release.

There are currently even better deals for the cell phones – but not for the two Pro models. Here’s how you can do it iPhone 14* and the iPhone 14Plus* Buy now with a discount of up to 18 percent. You can currently find the best prices on Ebay. That iPhone 14 Pro* and the iPhone 14 Pro Max* have each become less than one percent cheaper.

Iphone 14 | Buy iPhone 14 cheap: price development and the best deals | apple iphone | Insider Picks 2 1

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The new iPhone 14 generation was presented in September 2022. It again includes four different models, only instead of the slightly smaller Mini, the iPhone 14 has a slightly larger Plus version. So the series consists of: iPhone 14to the iPhone 14Plusto the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The new Apple smartphones were released on September 16, 2022 (exception: the iPhone 14 Plus, which only went on sale on October 7, 2022).

When it was released, the iPhone 14 received a lot of ridicule – above all from Eve Jobs, the daughter of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The model posted a meme on his Instagram story suggesting that the new iPhone is identical to its predecessor. In fact, the criticism is not unfounded, because many of the innovations worth mentioning can only be found in the two more expensive Pro models. These include, for example:

  • the faster A16 Bionic chip
  • the improved camera module
  • the new Dynamic Island
  • the always-on display

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Nevertheless, upgrading to the iPhone 14 can be worthwhile – even to the standard models. So all four smartphones have one significantly better battery life than the iPhone 13. With the iPhone 14 Plus, the 14 generation also offers a new, for the first time larger display for a standard cell phone. Recently, the larger screens were only available for the significantly more expensive Pro iPhones.

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Price for the iPhone 14: This is how much the four new smartphones cost

Apple products are expensive. As is well known, this also applies to the iPhone. And after the iPhone Mini was replaced by the iPhone Plus, the once cheapest entry-level model is no longer available. How much do you have to pay for the four new iPhones? Here you can find the price list:

  • iPhone 14: from 999.00 euros (128 gigabytes) to 1389.00 euros (512 gigabytes)
  • iPhone 14Plus: from 1149.00 euros (128 gigabytes) to 1539.00 euros (512 gigabytes)
  • iPhone 14 Pro: from 1299.00 euros (128 gigabytes) to 1949.00 euros (one terabyte)
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: from 1449.00 euros (128 gigabytes) to 2099.00 euros (one terabyte)

For comparison: The iPhone 13 was significantly cheaper when it was launched. At that time, the prices ranged from 799.00 euros (iPhone 13 Mini) to 1249.00 euros (iPhone 13 Pro Max). The standard iPhone 13 cost 899.00 euros. The new generation is at least 200.00 euros more expensive.

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iPhone 14 price trend forecast

Just in time for the launch of the iPhone 14, the price comparison portal Idealo has one Price development forecast of the new smartphones*. The basis for the estimate is the actual price development of the last two iPhone generations. The standard iPhone, the iPhone Pro and the iPhone Pro Max were taken into account. Since the iPhone 14 Plus is a completely new model for which there are no empirical values ​​yet, Idealo was unable to make any corresponding statements about the possible price development for this version.

Basically, Idealo expects that the prices of the new iPhones will fall more slowly than the last two generations. Possible reasons for this are the tense economic situation and inflation. This also confirms a development that has already been shown with the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 Pro has become less than ten percent cheaper in the first six months since its release, while the two-generation iPhone 12 Pro has experienced a price loss of a whopping 14 percent within the same period.

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Buy cheap iPhone 14: When will the prices for the new iPhone generation fall?

When exactly can you expect cheaper prices for the iPhone 14? Based on Idealo’s price prediction, we tell you When is the best time to buy an iPhone:

Buy iPhone 14 cheaper after four months

The new Standard iPhone 14 should remain stable for the first few months. Big discounts are not to be expected before the holidays. after the turn of the year, about four months after its releaseit should then be round twelve percent cheaper to be available. This corresponds to a saving of 120.00 euros. If you wait a little longer, you can even save 15 percent. Starting in the summer, i.e. nine months after the release date, prices will rise again. This is typical for iPhones, which become slightly more expensive again immediately before the release of a successor. That’s why summer is also the worst time to buy an iPhone. Instead, it’s better to wait for the successor and then buy the one-year-old cell phone in the fall.

Best time to buy: five months after release (February 2023)

iPhone 14 Pro with an eleven percent discount after six months

The prices for that are not falling quite as strongly and not quite as quickly iPhone 14 Pro. Here, too, you cannot expect any major reductions until the turn of the year. From January, prices then fall slightly until they reach their low point in the spring. Around Easter (six to seven months after it came on the market) you can then get the iPhone 14 Pro about eleven percent cheaper to buy. This saves you up to 180.00 euros. After that, the prices will rise again and remain stable until the next iPhone generation is announced.

Best time to buy: six to seven months after release (March and April 2023)

iPhone 14 Pro Max 14 percent cheaper after seven months

You can obviously get the biggest absolute savings from the most expensive iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro Max, expect. Meager 200.00 euros cheaper you buy the smartphone if you waits about seven months after the release. This corresponds to a price drop of 14 percent. Anyway 13 percent you can save if you wait at least six months. As with the other models, the price drop only starts after the holidays in the new year and ends again in time for summer, when the world is already preparing for a new iPhone generation.

Best time to buy: seven months after release (April 2023)

Can you already buy the iPhone 14 cheaply?

The iPhone 14 has passed its first holiday season and thus also its first price milestone. Have Idealo’s forecasts been confirmed? In fact, both the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus are already available at significantly lower prices. You can use the two smartphones now with a 17 or 18 percent discount to buy. Your savings: up to zand 206.00 euros. However, the situation is different with the Pro models. There are some offers, yes the reductions are quite manageable at less than one percent each. So you only save 9.00 euros when buying the iPhone 14 Pro Max, while the iPhone 14 Pro saves 14.00 euros. We have put together the best offers for the four new smartphones for you here:

Sold out? Compare the price at Idealo to find the best deal:

Sold out? Compare the price at Idealo to find the best deal:

Sold out? Compare the price at Idealo to find the best deal:

Sold out? Compare the price at Idealo to find the best deal:

Iphone 14 | Buy iPhone 14 cheap: price development and the best deals | apple iphone | Insider Picks 2 1

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