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Iphone 14 | Deal check: iPhone 14 for 749 euros: What’s behind this offer? | apple iphone

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iPhone 14 for 749 euros: what’s behind this offer?


The iPhone 14 normally costs at least 999 euros from Apple. The mobile phone is already available on eBay for 749 euros – as good as new and without the original packaging. Can this offer be trusted?


The iPhone 14 is by far one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. Even for the cheapest model with 128 gigabytes of internal memory, Apple is asking around 1,000 euros. Third-party providers usually undercut this price only slightly. It looks completely different with a current eBay offer.

iPhone 14: cheap without original packaging on eBay

The retailer outlet_plaza sells the iPhone 14 in the basic version for a remarkably low 749 euros. The catch: The devices have already been activated and are delivered as new without the original packaging. The offer does not explain why this is the case, but the retailer guarantees that the cell phones are as fresh out of the box and that buyers will receive the remaining warranty from Apple. Since the mobile phone has only been on the market since September 2022, this cannot have started for more than four months.

  • iPhone 14 (128GB)
  • Already activated and without original packaging
  • Like new and SIM lock free
  • 30 days free returns
  • Remaining guarantee at Apple

With such offers, a healthy skepticism is quite appropriate. But the dealer’s ratings, especially for the iPhones sold so far, are almost entirely positive. eBay itself classifies him as a trustworthy seller. Since the iPhone can be returned free of charge up to 30 days after receipt and the purchase is processed via eBay, there is hardly any risk.

The background to the offer remains a bit nebulous, but anyone who wants to get their hands on an iPhone 14 at a top price should at least take a closer look at the deal. The Apple cell phone is available in the colors blue, red and purple, is SIM-lock-free and comes with an invoice.

Alternative with a contract: iPhone 14 for 99 euros at Media Markt

The eBay offer doesn’t seem quite right, but a cheap iPhone 14 would still be nice? Then signing a mobile phone contract can help. At Media Markt, for example, the mobile phone is available for a one-off price of 99 euros if the Freenet tariff Telekom Green LTE is booked. It costs EUR 44.99 per month and includes 50 gigabytes of data volume in addition to telephone and SMS flat rates.

  • iPhone 14 for 99 instead of 834.99 euros
  • Telephone and SMS flat rate
  • 50 GB data volume in the LTE network of Telekom (up to 50 Mbit/s)
  • Monthly basic fee: 44.99 instead of 46.99 euros (24 months)
  • Connection price: 39.99 euros
  • Minimum contract period: 24 months
  • 50 euros exchange bonus for SMS with “Bonus” to 22234

At first glance, this looks significantly more expensive than the eBay offer. However, if you offset the total costs of the 24-month minimum contract period of 1,218.75 euros with the currently cheapest network price for the new and originally packaged iPhone 14 (834.99 euros on eBay), 383.76 euros remain for the tariff.

Anyone who sends an SMS with the content “Bonus” to 22234 with the new SIM card secures an additional 50 euro switching bonus. The bottom line is an effective basic fee of 13.91 euros. That in turn is a strong course for a 50 gigabyte tariff in the usually very expensive Telekom network. Anyone who regularly exhausts the data volume and prefers to buy from an established dealer is well advised to take advantage of this offer. Important: After 24 months, the basic fee increases to 46.99 euros. Then a tariff change is advisable.

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