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Iphone 14 | Dynamic Island: What can the technology of the iPhone 14 Pro do? | apple iphone

The iPhone 14 features Apple’s classic notch. This means the recess at the top of the screen, in which there are various sensors such as Face ID in addition to the front camera. For the first time on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, this feature is pill-shaped and acts dynamically on the switched-on screen – hence its name Dynamic Island.

Dynamic Island: It houses these functions

At the hardware level, the same sensors are installed in the Dynamic Island as in the classic Notch (admittedly, the front camera has received some improvements). However, there is an innovation here that Apple fans are excited about. The notch is far more than just a black speck at the top of the screen. It takes on other functions on the phone’s display.

If you are called, for example, the ad will appear at exactly this point, explained makeuseof. The recess is optically enlarged so that you can answer the call. But other activities are also briefly displayed there: If you connect your iPhone 14 Pro with Dynamic Island for charging, unlock it with Face ID or connect your Bluetooth headphones, a short notification will appear in this screen area. Running music or podcast apps as well as timers and alarm clocks can also be controlled there.

Apple shows what this looks like in its announcement video:

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Feature improves multitasking

The advantages of the new Apple feature are obvious. Instead of a large banner at the top of the screen, only the Dynamic Island expands. So even if you answer a call while replying to your WhatsApp messages, the call banner just stays at the top of the screen instead of overlapping the entire screen.

In addition, you can interact with the displayed buttons. For example, if you’re listening to music while reading this article, you can press and hold the music tab on the Dynamic Island. As a result, a menu opens with more options. Switching to the other app is not absolutely necessary.

However, not everyone is enthusiastic about the Dynamic Island. Well-known Apple analyst Mark Gurman called the feature in his iPhone 14 Pro Max review e.g. “disappointing”. He gives a very specific reason for this.

Source: makeuseof

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