Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iphone 14 | Fail: iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Ultra call 911 on roller coasters | apple iphone

The Apple iPhone 14 (approx. 999 euros on Amazon), the iPhone 14 Pro, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra should automatically recognize car accidents and dial the emergency call. A feature that sounds useful, but does not always work as expected in practice. While car accidents aren’t always recognized, report that Wall Street Journal and Coaster101 well, that roller coasters sometimes trigger the car crash detection.

The Kings Island amusement park has so far recorded at least six erroneous emergency calls linked to the new iPhones and Apple Watches, while the Dollywood amusement park has even put up signs advising customers not to take their smartphones and smartwatches on roller coaster rides to avoid erroneous ones to avoid emergency calls. Joanna Stern’s tweet embedded below includes one of those erroneous emergency calls.

When asked, Apple did not comment on this problem, only stating that the car accident detection should be further improved in the future. If you ride a roller coaster, you should have your iPhone 14 and your Apple Watch Series 8 (about 500 euros on Amazon) so either don’t bring it with you, or at least put it in airplane mode to prevent the devices from dialing emergency services. It is currently unclear whether Apple can completely prevent accidental emergency calls in such situations with a software update.


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