Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iphone 14 | Fake iPhone 14 Pro Max already circulating in China | apple iphone

A week before the launch of the iPhone 14 series, the leak machinery is in full swing. New information comes to light practically every day, currently mainly from China. Less leak and more curiosity are the first fakes to spread to Chinese markets.

The Youtube Channel ” Amazing unboxing “ (via Macrumors ) published a video several days ago showing copies of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The clones are Android smartphones with a heavily modified skin designed to look like iOS 16.

As far as the inner workings are concerned, there are no statements on this, but such fake iPhones can generally be assumed to have mid-range hardware at most. As far as the design is concerned, the two unknown companies in the video are strongly based on the previous leaks: the buttons are correctly placed, the display also looks very similar to the leaks, even if the two devices shown differ from each other, and both even point the pill-and-hole cutout that’s supposed to inherit the iPhone 13’s notch.


It is interesting to see that the software has not yet been adapted to the latest findings: According to new information, the pill-and-hole cutout is actually extended into a long pill and the small distance between the two elements for camera and microphone activity are used. You can read more about this in a separate article.

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