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Iphone 14 | Halide: Camera app with 48 megapixel support for the iPhone 14 Pro and more | apple iphone

Iphone 14 | Halide: Camera app with 48 megapixel support for the iPhone 14 Pro and more | apple iphone | Halide Banner

In the meantime, the first people should already be holding their iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, which have been available since Friday. Appropriately, the development team at Halide (App Store link) released a fresh update that makes use of the new camera technologies of the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Halide version 2.9 and 2.9.1 now have 48-megapixel ProRAW support, a way to quickly switch from 48- to 12-megapixel shots, manual focus for depth-based shots, and more. Halide is available as a free download for iPhones and iPads in the German App Store and can either be purchased as a subscription for 2.99 euros/month or 12.49 euros/year, or as a one-off purchase for 59.99 euros with all features be used. At least iOS 14.0 and 27 MB of free disk space are required for the installation. In addition to a German localization, the Lux Optics development team also offers a seven-day free test phase for the app.


Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro generation is capable of taking photos in ProRAW format with 48 megapixels via the main camera. However, a resolution of 12 megapixels is set by default. Halide can now also benefit from this option and in version 2.9 and later also offers additional options for optimizing file sizes. According to Lux Optics in the App Store:

“With the iPhone 14 Pro, you can now shoot ProRAW images at 48 or 12 megapixels, even with manual settings. As with all of our ProRAW support, you can choose between maximum quality or lower file sizes, and how much you want to edit the image. Note: Due to iOS limitations, native RAW is not currently available in 48MP, but you can still shoot 12MP native RAWs.”

Iphone 14 | Halide: Camera app with 48 megapixel support for the iPhone 14 Pro and more | apple iphone | Halide Update ProRAW 48MP

Halide offers to use the 48 megapixel sensor for recording HEIC or JPG image formats. “These files are not only 1/10th the size of a 48MP ProRAW file, they’re also 2.4 times faster with incredible detail,” reports the development team. There’s also a quick way to switch between 48 and 12 megapixel resolutions: This is done by simply long-pressing the file format button and then being presented with appropriate options.

In addition, Halide 2.9.x also brings a manual focus for recordings with depth information, so-called depth captures. The changelog says:


“[…] We’re bringing manual focus to depth capture. Manual focus is now enabled on the new front cameras on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, so we’ve enhanced depth mode to allow manual focus *in addition* to depth […].”

In addition, the development team also provides updates for existing lockscreen widgets, which were first introduced with the previous version 2.8. The update to version 2.9 and the version 2.9.1 that has also been published in the meantime is free for all Halide users and can be started immediately in the App Store.

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