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Have your iPhone 14 repaired cheaply in Düsseldorf

Just in time for the turn of the year, the technically experienced professionals for mobile phone repairs from Düsseldorf offer an extended range of services. If the new iPhone 14 is broken, you don’t even have to visit the workshop. The mobile phone can easily be sent in. The iPhone 14 repair does not take long, many original spare parts are available locally in Düsseldorf. However, if iPhone 14 accessories have to be ordered, it can speed up the repair process if contact is made in advance. In the event of a display damage on the iPhone 14, however, you should not wait too long.

Repair iPhone 14 screen damage and save costs


If there is a crack in the mobile phone display, the smallest splinters of glass can drill into the display. This leads to pixel errors that cannot easily be remedied by simply replacing the display glass. If the display on the iPhone 14 breaks, it is therefore advisable to act immediately and stop using the phone. In the case of other defects, however, the iPhone 14 repair can also wait while the device is still being used. A scratch in the housing of the current iPhone, for example, does not cause any further consequential damage in the device and a wobbly charging socket also allows the new iPhone to continue to be used.

Repair iPhone yourself: you need to know that!

At iPhone repair in Düsseldorf, you simply make an appointment at short notice for the repair of your iPhone 14. We do not recommend doing your own repair work for new devices. If you open the glued mobile phone housing, the manufacturer’s guarantee will expire. If something then goes wrong because you do not have the right tool for an iPhone 14 repair at home or, for example, dirt gets inside the mobile phone, there is no longer a legal right to a replacement. For older iPhone models, however, it can be financially worthwhile for experienced hobbyists to look for inexpensive spare parts from the well-stocked specialists at iPhone Repair Düsseldorf. If you don’t have a steady hand and don’t trust yourself to repair your cell phone, it’s best to contact the competent professionals in NRW immediately with your desired date.

Which iPhone 14 models are repaired in the cell phone workshop in Düsseldorf?


For the most popular iPhone 14 cell phones and tablets, everything is ready that needs a professional repair. The following models in particular are currently in particularly high demand for repair work:

– iPhone 14 Pro

– iPhone 14 Pro Max

– iPhone 14Plus

– iPhone 14

If you are unsure which iPhone model you are using, simply bring the defective device to the iPhone Repair Düsseldorf branch on weekdays. It is not necessary to make an appointment by phone, but it can speed up the repair time.

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